3 Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

3 Ways to Simplify Your Beauty Routine

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Normally I’m on the constant look out for new things…new things to buy, new things to want, new things I want to slather on my face.

But something’s changed.

I haven’t been looking.

The thing with new things is that new things turn into old things and then I end up with drawers full of old-new things. I end up with 57 bottles of nail polish and 5 teal eyeliners and lipsticks that I’m unwilling to part with but will never wear because once upon a time, I really really wanted the perfect whatever-shade and this shade was perfect!

In my 20 plus years of wearing makeup I have never finished a tube of lipstick. And I am not even going to count the number of lipsticks I own because I think it would be too much of a shock to both you and I. Let’s just guesstimate that it’s definitely over 50.

What does this say about me? Well I’m not exactly sure but I think it’s safe to say that I should probably stop buying lipstick with the intention of wearing it and just START wearing one of the many, many lipsticks I already own.

So I am going to try and simplify my beauty routine. I am going to simmer down on buying new products and start using up the products that I already own. I can honestly tell you that I have never been more excited to get down to the bottom of a shampoo bottle . And it gets me even more excited to buy that shampoo because I actually ran out and need more. What a concept!

Here are three things you can do to simplify your beauty routine:

1)   Get Rid of Things you Never Use – You know that dark purple lipstick in your drawer that you bought three years ago for Hallowe’en? Well if you haven’t touched it since, it’s probably safe to say that you won’t be using it any time soon. Get that garbage can ready and get chuckin’. Once you get rid of the unnecessary, you’ll be able to see what is essential. Or an even better idea, you can do a beauty-version of a “Packing Party”, an idea from one of my favorite websites, The Minimalists. The idea is to pack away everything, so in this case, since we’re doing the beauty-version of this, put all your beauty products and toiletries and such in boxes. Yes even your deodorant and dental floss. Then as you need each item, you can unpack it. After a few weeks, you will be able to see what you actually need and use and what is really essential. If you have any unused items, you can donate them to women’s shelters or homeless shelters. Unfortunately many places don’t accept used cosmetics, however, you might be able to find one or two places that will accept gently used items if you call ahead and check. You can always have a little makeup party with some girlfriends and give away some of your stuff. A couple of my girlfriends have happily been on the receiving end of this.

2)   Use the Things you Already Have – Before you buy that new hair masque, think about what you may have at home already. I’d be willing to bet that you probably have something else masque-y in your bathroom. And if not, have you tried using coconut oil as a hair masque? And before you buy that perfect nude lipstick, think about how many other nude lipsticks you have at home already. However, if you don’t have a nude lipstick yet, then by all means….every girl needs a good nude lipstick. 😉

3)   Limit Yourself to One or Two – What I mean by this is limit yourself to one or two of an item. For example, I usually have two different shampoos and a couple different conditioners in my bathroom. This is because I like to switch it up every time I wash my hair. But having more than two of an item can be clutter-y and anxiety inducing. I used to have three or four of each in my bathroom as well as a couple different types of shower gel depending on whatever scent I was in the mood for. But I always had a slight sense of overwhelm every time I stepped into the shower. Visually it was messy, and mentally it took energy to even decide what to use. You have a finite amount of energy in a day for making decisions. Make it easier for yourself and narrow down your choices so you have more energy to focus on the more important things in your life.

I want everything I have to serve a purpose. I want the beauty products I have to enhance my life, not limit me with clutter. I’m not against buying things. I will always love buying things. I am just wanting to be more thoughtful about the things I buy and more thoughtful about the things I use. Maybe getting rid of 5 things will allow room for one thing you’ve really been wanting.

And that’s what I want for you too! I want you to have products and tools that will enhance your life.

So let’s hear it for simplifying, having less, and wanting what you already have!

What are ways that you will be simplifying your beauty routine?

Feel free to comment and let me know!








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