My New Obsession: Saje AromaGem Nebulizer

My New Obsession: Saje AromaGem Nebulizer

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One day before Christmas, as I was doing a little holiday shopping, I stumbled upon an oasis…in the mall. Famished, fazed and dazed, I turned a corner and was awoken by my senses.

This oasis I speak of is Saje. I remember years ago seeing the store around. I never gave it much thought at the time, but on this particular day, it was different.

It was like I was awoken out of a hazy shopping slumber and into a state of wellness and a sense of peace. This was in a mall folks. Who feels wellness and peace in a mall? I sure don’t. At least not normally.


Saje Metrotown


Saje Natural Wellness is a store that specializes in 100% natural remedies for common ailments like headaches, stress, pain and more by utilizing plant-derived essential oils and base products. They have a wide variety of products including their popular rollerball remedies, body products, teas and diffuser blends.

Outside their stores, they usually have little machines that might resemble that of a flower vase, with lovely aromas bubbling out of the top. That day I learned such things were called nebulizers.

Nebulizers work as an air purifier, humidifier and diffuser all wrapped up into one device, utilizing ultrasonic technology to release therapeutic vapors into the air.

I made it my wish when I left the store to one day own such a contraption. I pictured myself writing or meditating with this pretty little machine releasing lovely scents in my own home. I imagined a sweet peaceful half-smile on my face and a feeling of wellness as I inhaled whatever sweet scent my heart desired.

Fast forward to January, I do now own such a contraption thanks to some Christmas money from my father-in-law! I happily turn it on every day and every time I use it, I feel a little calmer and a little more peaceful (save for that one time I put an unsavory scent in it and Shaun asked me what smelled like mouldy flowers). But other than that, we’ve been a lovely pair, me and my trusty AromaGem.

Saje AromaGem Nebulizer

My lovely AromaGem


They have a variety of designs and styles of nebulizers at Saje to suit your needs. As soon as I saw the AromaGem, I knew it was for me. I mean look at it, isn’t it the cutest thing?

The gold one I got was a part of a holiday offering so it is slightly different than the colors they normally carry. They have them in three colors, black, silver and gold (a slightly darker gold than the one I have) so they’re perfect for matching any décor.

Since that one fateful day at the mall, I’ve become slightly obsessed with Saje. I have a few different diffuser oils to suit whatever I’m needing. I also picked up one of their namesake products, their Pocket Pharmacy. It has five rollerball remedies, their famous Peppermint Halo (for headaches), Pain Release, Immune, Stress Release and Eater’s Digest.

Saje Pockey Pharmacy

My favorite so far is the Peppermint halo for relieving tension between my shoulders. I’ve also been using the Pain Release on all of Shaun’s soccer-related aches and pains and though he’d be hesitant to support my hippy-dippy ways, it’s definitely helped him. And I’m sure it will be just a matter of time before I fall in love with each of the other remedies.

This, I predict, is just the beginning of my love affair with Saje products.

Lucky me.

Unlucky pocketbook.


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