Perfectly Scarlet Lips: MAC Diva Lipstick

Perfectly Scarlet Lips: MAC Diva Lipstick

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I do love a dark lip.

Not too dark, but just perfectly dark. That’s what MAC Diva lipstick is;  dark lip perfection.

There’s something about a brisk fall day and deeply saturated lips that makes my makeup loving heart swell with joy.

I know after many seasons of nude lips that dark lips can seem intimidating. I suppose it is a little. There’s no hiding with dark lips. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Dark red lips are an invitation. An invitation of what you may ask?  They invite the eyes. They draw the gazes of strangers and catch rogue eyes. They make a statement without words.

Leana Diva Lips

One thing essential to wearing dark lips, is lip liner. For Diva I used MAC Portside Cremestick liner. I tend to like my lip liners just a touch darker than my lipstick but it is not necessary as long as the colors are somewhat similar.

I usually fill in most of my lips with the lipstick first and just use the liner to perfect the edges and then top it off with a touch more lipstick to blend the edges. The more traditional route is to first line your lips with the lip liner (and/or also fill in lips a little with the liner) and then apply the lipstick.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. It’s about preference and finding what works for you. I think everyone can wear a dark lip if they wish to. It’s just about finding the perfect color for you!

Available at MAC locations or

MAC Diva and Portside Cremestick liner.

MAC Diva Lipstick and Portside Cremestick liner.

Available at MAC locations or

Available at MAC locations or



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