My New Favourite Product for Eyebrows!

My New Favourite Product for Eyebrows!

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I’m obsessed with eyebrows.

I love tweezing them, trimming them, shaping them and defining them. I’ve already written this post all about what I usually do with mine but much has changed since that last post.

I’ve discovered something new and I’m excited to share it with you guys.

For a time I was solely using the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color and I was really happy with it. I used the in the medium color for about a year and when I went to repurchase my pen last month, I noticed they repackaged their product. And when I tested the medium color in the new packaging, the color was completely different. The normally cool medium-brown color now was a medium grey color. That’s fine if you have grey eyebrows but I certainly don’t so this was a big disappointment for me.

I called a local beauty store asking if they had any old stock of the eyebrow pen which unfortunately, they did not have. However, the girl who answered the phone suggested the Geisha Ink Liquid Eyebrow Liner and told me they were very similar. I was disappointed but also intrigued.

So, having nothing to lose and potentially awesome brows to gain, I marched down to my local beauty supply store to take a look. The Brow Liner only came in two colors: Light and Dark. I was concerned Dark would be too dark but much to my delight and surprise, Dark was more perfect that I could have imagined. I’d say it was even better than the Stila pen that I’d grown to love over the past year.

What I love about these types of pens in particular is how long they stay on. I could go to the sweatiest yoga class (I often do) and they still stay on. No accidental wipe-age or rainstorms will destroy these eyebrows! Not that I have a problem with accidental wipe-age – though when my brows were uber-thin in high school this definitely used to be a problem.

I also love that you can really build the colour and get a more natural look or a more done look depending on how you apply it.

Since using these eyebrow marker-style pens, I’ve had many people ask what I’m using in my brows. I think it’s because they look less made up now. They look full and defined and definitely like I’ve spent a little time on them, but they’re not layered with product.

Here’s some pics of how this product looks in my brows:

1) Bare eyebrows

Bare Eyebrows.


2)One eyebrow filled in with Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner

One eyebrow done with Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner.


3) Finished eyebrows with Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner in Dark

Eyebrows finished with Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner


4) And here’s a pic of the Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner in Dark swatched on my hand. The first line is drawn on once and the second line is built up to how you can build up color.


This product might not be for everyone as we all have different eyebrow shapes and thicknesses but if you like what’s going on in my eyebrow-world, I’d encourage you to check these out. In fact, I’m not just encouraging you, I’m telling you, go out and try this now.

Good talk ladies. Good talk.


Let me know what you think! :)


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