Love You Long Time Lip Liner!

Love You Long Time Lip Liner!

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I am so happy that lip liner is back ‘in’.

It’s been my best friend since I first discovered it in the 8th grade and we haven’t left each other’s side since.

Over the last several years, it has shocked me, the vast number of people who turned their nose up at the mere suggestion of lip liner. And yes, I always suggest it – it just looks so much better! I’m very grateful that lip liner is finally getting some love again (Thanks Kylie Jenner!).

I suppose everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and perhaps some of you have still yet to discover the beauty of lip liner so I will share some of the reasons why I love it so.

Bigger? Smaller? The choice is yours!

Thin lips? Lip liner’s got your back. By lining lips just a hair outside your natural lip line, you can give the illusion of bigger lips. And if you have very full lips and don’t want to accentuate it too much, you can line your lips just on the inside of your natural lip line.

Lasting Power

Lip liner increases the wear of your lipstick drastically. I mean, if you’re gonna wear lipstick, why not do yourself a favor and use lip liner to make it wear longer and better?

A Little Wonky Lipped?

Not sure if ‘wonky-lipped’ is PC, but not all of us were blessed with perfect symmetry. In fact, most of us aren’t and most faces aren’t very symmetrical and neither are lips! Lip liner can really go to bat for you in this instance. Because of its waxy texture, you can really draw your ideal shape (within the confines of your natural lip shape) and balance it out.

Pinch Hitter Perfection

In a pinch, lip liner can be your lipstick! Because of its drier texture, it will look like a matte lipstick (which I love) but it may not be best for those with chronically dry lips – This can be solved by throwing a little lipgloss on top if you so choose, or by pre-emptively applying a touch of lip balm before going in with the liner.

Here are some of my favourites!

Lancome Le Lipstique in Bronzelle

Lancome Le Lipstique in Bronzelle


MAC Lip Pencil in Stripdown (Whirl and Spice are some other favourites)

MAC Lip Pencil in Stripdown (Whirl and Spice are some other favourites)

Chanel Le Crayon Levres Precision in #34 Natural

Chanel Le Crayon Levres Precision in #34 Natural


Some Tips and suggestions

  • If you only buy one lip liner, get one that is closest to your natural lip color. If you can’t find an exact match (that feat is nearly impossible) it is better to buy one slightly darker rather than lighter, as a lighter lip liner won’t really do the trick if you want a bit of definition.
  • Use some concealer or foundation around your lips first in order to get a crisp look. Often times, there are uneven skin tones around the lips (I have some darkness around my lip line so concealer is another really good friend of mine J)
  • Don’t just outline your lips.
    You should also fill them in lightly as this will save you from getting that weird ‘Oh this? Ya I just have a weird line around my lips’ sort of look.


There you have it folks! Those are just some of the many reasons lip liner will always have a place in my heart and in my cosmetics bag.

I hope I’ve been able to spread the liner-love today.

What are your best tips and tricks with lip liner?








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