Currently Loving: The Perfect Pair of Sneakers

Currently Loving: The Perfect Pair of Sneakers

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I just lied.   Kind of.

I do currently love these but I’ve actually been loving them for a long time now. So therein lies the fib-let.

Last year when I went to Hong Kong, I had a vision…..of a pair of sneakers. They were going to be high tops and they were going to be black with some details and I was going to find them in Hong Kong.

And I did.

I found them in the most unlikely of places on the most unlikely of days. I was going to visit the Big Buddha Statue on Lantau Island which required a bus ride and a cable car ride to this majestic monument. I spent the afternoon on this beautiful island and visited the Po Lin Monastery and bought a bracelet blessed by the monks cause let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a bracelet blessed by monks?



Visiting Lantau Island. February 2013


It was on the way back that I found these sneakers at an Adidas store in an outlet mall. Maybe my lucky new bracelet helped with this. Maybe not. Whatever it was, it was kismet.

I don’t know what style they are as I’ve long since thrown out the box. But you can find similar styles online here.


My favorite kicks.

My favorite kicks.


I think I will be loving these for some time. They’re perfect when I have to run out the door and I want to be comfortable but I also want to look cute. Or at least if I want my feet to look cute cause maybe I don’t so I’m hoping that my cute shoes will be a pleasant distraction.

Whatever the reason, there is always an occasion for a great pair of sneakers. :)



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