Bronzing Basics

Bronzing Basics

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Once upon a time, I didn’t know about bronzer.

To add some color to my face, I would load on the blush – MAC’s Cubic to be specific – which later changed to Margin upon the recommendation of a handsome MAC artist.

But then I discovered bronzer. It changed everything. I can’t remember now exactly when and how I did, but it was surely inevitable, bronzer and me, like peas and carrots.

Faces aren’t naturally one color all over. You may have a little bit of natural color in the cheeks or you may have some more color on the forehead, cheeks and nose from being in the sun. When a face is exactly the same color all over, it looks strange. I’ve applied foundation on many faces and when my clients have looked in the mirror before I’ve applied bronzer and blush (especially if they have never worn foundation before), something does not look quite right to them.

That’s where the bronzer comes in. Just a sweep across the cheek bones, forehead and nose adds color, shape and contour to the face.

Number 3 MethodThere are a few methods of applying bronzer. Some swear by the ‘Number 3 Method’ whereby bronzer is applied in a shape of the 3 along each side of the face. (*see awesome illustration for reference).

Some bronzing fanatics use the “Bronzer all over-and I mean ALL OVER- the face” method – of which I generally do not recommend. And some dab a little sparingly on just the cheeks.

You can also use bronzer as a contour, applying just under the cheekbones thereby making them ‘pop’.

Some people just wear bronzer in the summer but I think a little bronzer year-round is perfect for achieving an all-over, healthy glow.

There are many great bronzers out there. These are some of my favorites: Nars Laguna and MAC Golden (for fair-skinned gals) and Too Faced Sunnbunny, MAC Matte Bronze, and NARS Casino (for darker and medium skinned gals).

MAC BronzerNars BronzerToo Faced Bronzer

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