Currently Loving: Birkenstocks – Old Love and New Love

Currently Loving: Birkenstocks – Old Love and New Love

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I know it’s fall and it’s a little late to be talking about sandals, but I can’t help but share.

I don’t know if it’s because I am a child of the 90’s (very likely), but I have a special place in my heart for Birkenstocks. I’d been scoping out different styles for the last year or two and hadn’t settled on a pair that I really liked. The ever popular Gizeh style was what I was somewhat drawn to, but every time I tried them on, they just didn’t look right on my feet – Though that never stopped me from trying them on repeatedly over the last couple years just to see if on that particular day, they might miraculously fit differently! They never did.


So last February while I was in Hong Kong, I stumbled upon this style that I had not seen before. They were perfect. They were exactly what I was looking for without even knowing that they were what I was looking for. They called to me (as much as an inanimate object can) and I tried them on and wanted to get them but then had to traipse half way across the city to another store to buy them because they didn’t have the correct size.

It was worth it. I love them.

And with this recent article in Vogue, it seems these comfortable sandals are making a comeback. To which my adolescent self is thoroughly pleased.





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